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response boosters

Response boosters will improve the results of your next saturation mailing! No more blindly mailing to every prospect in a carrier route. We can now remove households least likely to respond to your offers (while retaining great postal rates).

With response boosters we remove:

  • records where the minimum age in the household is over 80 years old.

  • records where the household income is in the bottom 4% of any zip code.

  • we use premium consumer data to identify these households. The end results is a saturation mailing with better results.


Household minimum age 80+.


Households in the lowest 4% of income.

Frequently Asked Questions

how much do they cost?
Each Response Booster is only $1/M. Imagine removing your worst performing prospects and it costing only 1 to 2 tenths of a penny. There's always better ROI with Response Boosters!

is postage guaranteed to be 100% in saturation?
In our testing, the vast majority of lists stay 100% in saturation. But it is possible a carrier route is filled with nursing home residents or is in an especially low income neighborhood. We have two ways around this: 1) We show you exactly what % of your Response Booster list will be in saturation before ordering so you can determine it is worthwhile. 2) You can choose to remove those carrier routes where more than 25% are filled with these worst performing prospects.

will my counts be decreased?
Typically Response Boosters will reduce your counts between 5% and 10%, but if you are using a radii list, you can increase the radius by up to 10% (so a 3 mile radius would turn into a 3.3 mile radius in the worst case) and fill in with more records. This way, you are able to keep your counts while removing the worst performing households.

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