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use magnetmailers™ postcards
to educate, inform, and support residents
in your community


Are you ready?  From floods and extreme heat to cyberattacks and lead pipes, if you need to inform your constituents, there is no better outreach then with a magnetmailers postcard.  A full color postcard paired with a removeable magnet is a great way to deliver an important message and make sure it sticks around with key information in emergencies.

  • Magnets are glued on to the right of the mail panel. no need for clear labels.

  • Postcards have rounded corners.

  • Lower postage: mails at automation rates.  Save about a penny per piece versus the postcard with clear label.

  • Lower price point: streamlined production maximizes your investment.

  • Postcard and magnet are laminated

"I heard today from our front desk staff that several people have called us to say thank you for the magnet mailer. I've never worked an outreach campaign where the recipients called simply to express appreciation."

"We have been receiving about 1 phone call per hour from local constituents regarding the outreach mailer, and the feedback has been very positive."

All items printed full color process.  Spot color available with additional charge. Custom sizes available.

Call or email us today for a personalized quote. 

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Click here for product specifications and templates.

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