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the little brother to our flagship magnetmailers postcards, mini postcards let you mail a postcard that can attach to a metal surface by way of a 1"x3" magnet strip attached to the postcard. If you are budget-challenged, get a bigger budget or getmagnetmailers mini postcards.

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magnetmailers™ mini postcards

we also offer uv-coated postcards. we are able to add a 3"x1" magnet strip to the address side of a uv-coated 3.625"x8" postcard so the entire piece can be mounted on a fridge, cabinet, or bulletin board. magnet backing is permanent

budget-challenged? use magnetmailers™ mini postcards!

mini magnetmailers
  • postcard size is 3.625"x8".
  • permanent 3"x1" 12 mil magnet strip attach to mail side of postcard.
  • postcard printed in full-color process, uv coated on front.

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