offer/call to action

q. what, precisely, is an offer?

a. in looser terms, it might be described as "the deal" the specific proposition that induces a customer or prospect to act. classic examples are "send for our free catalog" and "take any 12 dvds for a penny."

q. what are the elements that make up an offer? offer may consist of:
- the product or service itself
- a money-back guarantee
- a specific promise such as a toll-free phone line to provide customers with assistance
- a price break or just the price itself
- a free sample or trial
- favorable payment terms
- a premium for acting now.

q. how important is the offer?

a. the offer is one of the most critical components of your direct mail package. a mailing may be highly compelling in many ways in format, copy, selling strategy but it will only achieve its maximum potential when coupled with a sound offer. while it's hard to overestimate the importance of offer testing, the procedure is, fortunately, very simple. just send out the same package with a variety of others, and watch for differences in the results.