q. what are the distinguishing strengths of mail?

a. when designing a mailing program, it's helpful to keep the medium's unique capabilities uppermost in mind. that way, you're likely to take advantage of everything that it has to offer. consider mail's five special strengths, and how you can make them work most effectively for you:

when you use mail, you select exactly who you want to talk to. you speak to people in their own language and about their individual needs. you can target in many different ways geographically, demographically, psychographically and combine approaches for still greater selectivity. you can even time your efforts to coincide with a critical point in a customer's buying cycle.

with mail, you know that every dollar you spend is being directed at people who are genuine prospects for your product or service. instead of paying for circulation or viewership that may not be relevant to your needs, your budget is working all-out where it really matters.

mail can handle a wide variety of advertising or marketing tasks. mail can sell directly, of course. but it's also the medium that can deliver a sample right to the consumer, bring back the information you need to build a database, or develop a dialogue that helps to create a lifetime customer.

there's no guesswork when it comes to the results of a mail campaign, and virtually no waiting. if you've got a winner worth rolling out, you know right away. by allowing you to rapidly compare the merits of various strategies, mail provides the kind of knowledge that will help you in every aspect of marketing.

because you can prove that mail works, it becomes its own justification. as responses pour in, the value of your program speaks for itself. this high level of accountability enables you to proceed with a high level of confidence.