EDDM magnetmailers™ postcards
with glued on magnets

what is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?
EDDM is a program provided by the United States Postal Service that allows you to mail a postcard to specific carrier routes (neighborhoods) or entire zip codes. You save on
the cost of a mailing list plus you get a lower postage rate

We offer two EDDM Solutions:
Print Only and Full Service

Orders under 20,000 pieces qualify for Print Only EDDM. We print and bulk ship the order to you and you complete the fulfilment at your local post office.

For orders over 20,000 pieces, we will print and process for mailing. You just need to choose your routes for the mailing.

EDDM magnetmailers postcard

Standard Size is
6.20"x9" postcard
with 2x3.5 magnet

benefits of an EDDM postcard
with magnet

  • no mailing lists needed.
  • no postage permits needed.
  • low postage with full neighborhood saturation.
  • larger card plus a leave-behind magnet.